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Should You Invest in a Swim Spa?

Is purchasing a swim spa a worthwhile investment? The surge in popularity of swim spas in recent years has been notable, as they provide a distinct mix of relaxation and fitness. If you’re considering investing in one, you’re in good company. This blog post will explore the advantages, factors to consider, and possible drawbacks of […]

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Do I Need to Shock My Hot Tub Before First Use?

A hot tub is a significant investment that offers countless hours of relaxation and enjoyment. However, it also requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and safety. One of the most common questions new hot tub owners ask is, “Do I need to shock my hot tub before first use?” The answer is yes. Shocking […]

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MySpa Distribution Sundance Spas Partnership

Jacuzzi Group UK and MySpa Distribution are pleased to announce a new commercial agreement that will see the Leicestershire based MySpa take over the exclusive distribution of Sundance® Spas in the UK from 1st January 2024 onwards.  MySpa owner Andy Wroot is this year celebrating 25 years working with Sundance® Spas, and together with his […]

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How Often Should Hot Tub Filters Be Replaced?

Most hot tubs are manufactured with built-in filtration systems designed to remove particles from the water. These cartridges vary greatly in height, diameter, pleat count, pleat material and also the connection type where the filter is attached to the plumbing.  The vast majority of hot tubs will be fitted with a single filter, although some […]

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Brand New Cheshire Hot Tub Showroom NOW OPEN

Drum roll please! We’re delighted to announce the grand opening of our brand new Cheshire hot tub showroom, MySpa Cheshire, located in central Macclesfield with our best-selling Wellness Collection of hot tubs on display. Having operated from our flagship hot tub showroom in the heart of Leicestershire over the last 11 years and developed an […]

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