Sundance Drinks Tray 780 Series

The Sundance Drinks Tray 780 series, compatible with all 780 Series hot tubs.



780 Drinks Tray

The drinks tray for the Sundance Spas 780 Series nestles into the filter skimmer lid of all 780 Series hot tub models. Made of a chemical resistant material, the drinks tray has holes cut out to secure your plastic drinks glasses and even a pitcher, enhancing your hot tub experience and allowing you to stay hydrated!

Perfect for entertaining with friends and family, the larger cut out in the drinks tray can also support a bowl for chips n dips, or an ice bucket to cool the champagne, wine or Prosecco!

The drinks tray has also been known to be used to warm the odd Brandy, resting a glass in the smaller cut outs and allowing the tray to float around the spa!

How to clean and maintain the Sundance 780 Drinks Tray: –

To clean and maintain use Spa Shine ‘n’ Protect regular to remove calcium, oils and grease.