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Chlorine Tablets 1kg

Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets 1kg are designed to slowly release a trickle feed of chlorine into the water, also dissolving a granular clarifier to maintain sanitised, crystal clear water in a hot tub or swim spa.



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Multi functional Chlorine Tablets 1kg are the premium chlorine tablets for hot tubs and swim spas. Spa Multifunctional 20g Chlorine Tablets are widely used chlorine sanitiser tablets for use in hot tubs and swim spas. Designed to slowly erode, these tablets make it easier to maintain recommended chlorine levels over a longer period of time compared with using just chlorine granules or standard tablets. These tablets also contain a granular clarifier which helps to achieve crystal clear water and reduce the need for liquid clarifier. When using these multi functional Chlorine tablets 1kg, always dose via a floating tablet dispenser.

For more information on what the best hot tub or swim spa sanitiser to use is, read our blog ‘Chlorine, Bromine or Active Oxygen? Which is best?


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