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Hot Tub Filter SC722 JUPITER

The main pleated hot tub filter cartridge used in Sundance Spas 780 Series and 850 Series models, compatible with the Cayo Micro One filter.



SC722 Hot Tub Filter

The SC722 hot tub filter is unique to Sundance Spas hot tub models from the 780, and 850 series hot tub ranges. This filter should be deep cleaned on a monthly basis using a filter cleaning product such as Rapid Filter Kleen or Immerse Cartridge Cleaner. In between deep cleaning, most manufacturers recommend regular rinsing of the material in order to maintain optimum filtration performance.

When to replace the SC722 Hot Tub Filer?

After 12 months this hot tub filter should be removed and replaced like for like. Leaving a hot tub filter too long before replacing can cause damage to hot tub components as the pumps work too hard trying to pull water through clogged and worn material.


The Jupiter filter is compatible with the CAYO Sundance Spas Micro One filter and is attached with the filter mounting plate.


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